Ingress Location Spoof & Joystick For iOS


To install from your computer to your iOS device you must download Cydia Impactor. You must choose what Cydia Impactor to download based on what operating system your computer uses. Free Download Links can be found to the right.

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Ingress turns the real world into a virtual landscape for a game on a global scale full of mystery, intrigue and competition.

Our future is at stake and you have to choose a side.

A team of scientists in Europe has discovered a mysterious power. The origin and purpose of this power is unknown, but some scientists think that the power influences the way we think. If we don’t learn to control this power, it might start to control us.

The “Exalted” want to embrace the power that this energy can bring us. The ‘Resistance’ is hard to defend and protect the little that remains of humanity.

Install Ingress and transform your world.

The world is the game
Move through the real world with your iOS device and the Ingress app to discover and use sources of this mysterious energy. Collect items to use during your journey, use technology to conquer territory and become an ally of other players to help the Exalted or the Resistance in their struggle.

The battle is being fought worldwide. Track the progress of other players from all over the world, plan your next steps and communicate with others via an information card.

Form alliances
The battle to save the planet is being fought around the world. Groups of people who work together can be more effective than individuals who operate alone. Collaboration in neighborhoods, cities and countries is necessary to achieve the ultimate victory.

Continuous use of GPS in the background can dramatically shorten the battery usage time.


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